BeefPOTS Week is here

Learn about Moonpot

Moonpot is a win-win lottery, where you can deposit $CAKE into the Pots, and every week, there is a Prize Draw, in which you can win up to $50.000 USD in token prizes.

Moonpot was built by the Beefy team, and has been going from strength to strength. Learn more about Beefy’s role in its creation, here.

In this Monday's Pot there will be five winners getting 1000 $CAKE and 8000 $POTS each. Exciting, don’t you think?

And what if you don’t win, you might ask? Well you still get roughly 50% APY on your $CAKE deposit, plus tokens that are used to boost different Pots (BNB, BIFI, DODO, POTS)

Moonpot launched onto Binance Smart Chain in a way that enabled as mayn people as possible to get the $POTS tokens, rather than letting whales gobble them all up.

The $POTS tokens are being fairly distributed among the community. In the IDO you could purchase a maximum $200 of $POTS, and that only could be done by whitelisted addresses (active pots users). That means no whales holding a big percentages of the token.

As part of BeefPOTS week, we will be adding bonus $POTS rewards to Beefy Maxi stakers. Get your $BIFI ready.

The prize of launch of $POTS was $1, and less than a week later, its worth $4.50. Seems like the community really wants to win Ziggy’s Pot! The Pot that you play with $POTS and you win prizes of past Pots.

Moonpot Vaults on Beefy Finance

One day after the launch of the $POTS token, our friends at ApeSwap added the POTS-BNB pair to their farm. Paying out rewards for providing liquidity in BANANA.

The Beefy devs got to work, and quickly vaulted the farm so that you can auto compound your POTS-BNB LP directly on On Sunday 9 August, PancakeSwap announced that they will be adding a POTS-BUSD LP pair, and the Beefy devs will vault this too, shortly after it is launched.

BeefPOTS Week

We planned with Moonpot a couple of activities for this week, in which you can be rewarded in $POTS, so you too can become one of the first $POTS holders.

Are you excited to become one of the first $POTS holders? Follow Beefy and Moonpot on social media so you don’t miss anything of the BeefPOTS Week.

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