The Beefy cow went out and explored greener pastures. This time, she ended up in Avalanche.

Beefy x Trader Joe Partnership

We hear our Cowmoonity. That is why our latest partner is Trader Joe, the number one AMM on Avalanche by TVL.

About Trader Joe

Trader Joe is a one-stop trading platform on Avalanche. It launched first with regular trading and later with lending, which combine together to offer leveraged trading.

Many DEXes like to shift their focus on other horizontals. As degen DeFi users, Trader Joe’s team is focused on what they know best: DeFi. Nothing else.

DeFi is still young and with so many problems to solve such as capital efficiency, on-chain order books, limit orders and derivatives. We’ve made it our mission to solve problems in this space.

Eventually, this leads us to our ultimate long-term vision:

To make Trader Joe an R&D-focused platform for new DeFi primitives not yet seen on any blockchain — not just Avalanche.

About Banker Joe

Banker Joe is the Lending protocol of Trader Joe, based on the compound protocol. Combining a lending protocol with the decentralized exchange protocol, will then allow Trader Joe to offer non-custodial leveraged trading.

The combination of offering these services to market, moves the Trader Joe project closer to becoming a ‘one-shop trading platform’ and unlocks the possibility of being able to offer derivatives to market.

Initially on launch for lending, the whitelisted assets available will be: WETH, USDT, DAI, AVAX, LINK, WBTC. This will later be expanded to long-tail assets as well as LP Tokens in the future.

The protocol is currently undergoing two audits from Paladin and Hashex, when auditing has been completed, we will ready Banker Joe for launch.

About the AMA

We want the Cowmoonity to meet directly with Trader Joe’s team, so we scheduled an AMA for this Thursday 2 Sept at 21:30 UTC. The AMA will be hosted on our Discord server, so go ahead and join there. We will be choosing (and rewarding) the best questions, and ask those directly to the team. The questions will be gathered in the #Avalanche channel during the week.

Do you like blue chips?

With this partnership we are deploying 3 new Trader Joe vaults on Avalanche, and during the week we will be announcing a few more, so stay vigilant to BeefyFinance and TraderJoe Twitter accounts.

  • DAI.e-AVAX
  • USDC.e-DAI.e

On a closing note, we want you to know that Trader Joe’s team is constantly developing their ecosystem, so we highly recommend you to stay in touch with them through their social media.

Twitter | Discord | Website | Telegram

Join the Cowmoonity

Twitter | Discord | Website | Github | Telegram



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